Country Ambassadors

Country ambassadors are involved in a range of different activities in their countries, primarily fundraising, member recruitment, strategy development and project management.

Aparajita Arya United Kingdom

Aparajita has recently graduated from Lady Shri Ram College for Women in India. Apart from her interest in literature and creative writing, she is passionate about law, human rights and the environment, and is an active contributor in many student groups.

She has worked with international organizations on sexual health and reproductive rights, and has worked with universities to conduct research on technology to solve the most pertinent issues in rural India.

Through her association with The People’s Fund, Aparajita hopes to connect with a network of motivated and conscious individuals and help secure resources and power for communities that have been systematically denied their basic human rights.

Kone Zana Côte D’ivoire

Kone Zana, an individual of wide-ranging talents, is a resident of Côte D’ivoire. He studied English and obtained a diploma in Higher Education in Development at the University of Bouaké, and then went on to obtain a certificate of expertise in monitoring and evaluation at the Fondation Sciences Campus in Ougadougou. He has extensive experience in monitoring and evaluating projects and programs.

Kone has been a dedicated volunteer with the Red Cross and has subsequently gone on to work for a Catholic Orphanage. He currently works with different NGOs operating in Côte d’Ivoire, among other roles as a program coordinator. He has worked on issues of health, development, economic and professional integration, and has also been involved with youth organizations for democracy.

Kone has a talent for languages and is the Founder and President of a language club in Côte d’Ivoire. He also works as a translator for a number of different private companies. His ability and experience in handling projects and his affinity to integrate and communicate with various cultural set-ups have come as great strengths to The People’s Fund team. Kone manages our projects in Côte d'Ivoire and helps develop our organizational strategies.

Danielle McGrogan United States of America

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Danielle is a passionate young professional with particular interest in women’s rights, refugee services, and participatory development.

Danielle recently attained her bachelor’s degree in Global Studies with a concentration in peacebuilding and international development. During her undergraduate career, she studied abroad in Rwanda, where she completed a research project concerned with repatriation services for returnees after the genocide.

Danielle has interned and volunteered with a number of organizations including Search for Common Ground, the International Rescue Committee, and Global Brigades. She has extensive experience working in human services for refugees and asylum seekers in the Baltimore area. In addition, she recently became a doula and plans to create accessible services for women with PTSD.

Through her work for The People’s Fund, Danielle hopes to expand fundraising efforts in the US and help strengthen The People's Fund's work in community-driven development.