What We Do

"We ask some of the world's poorest people what they need the very most to be able to improve their situation and fund exactly that"

Funding for Health and Development Projects

We fund what people need the most. That's it.
We ask some of the world's poorest communities, what would help them the most in being able to create a better life for themselves and their families, and then give grants for that, as long as the proposed project meets our minimum requirements. We then follow projects over time and make sure that the money is used according to the original project description and is showing positive results for the community. Please have a look at our project funding page and the projects we have funded so far to learn more.

If you support us, at least 80% of your donations will go directly into the hands of members of our target communities. Support us here.


We fight for some of the world's most vulnerable and marginalized communities and defend their rights and interests. Please have a look at our advocacy page to learn more.

Affoue Kouadio, leader of Association Baoulé, our first grant recipient, with motorcycle purchased with grant money.