Grant 9: Kanoua

Grant information

Recipient community: Women's association in Kanoua

Village: Kanoua, Côte d'Ivoire

Number of community members reached: 65 women

Description: The women’s association in Kanoua asked for US $1000 to establish a shop in the village. They wanted to sell regular household and food items, save the profits in a microfinance account, and use the money to cover emergency expenses for association members, such as having to take a family member to the hospital or when members face difficulties paying school fees for their children. (Updated Sept. 11, 2020)

Amount applied for: 592,000 CFA (~$1000)

Amount received (net of fees): 592,000 CFA (~$1000)

Date of transfer: August 28, 2020

The women's association with goods purchased to sell at the shop.

Mme. N'goran Kouassi, president of the women's association.