Grant 3: Yékléyo, Preyebouessou

The women's association of Preyebouessou.

Grant information

Recipient community: Yékléyo (Eng: "We can do it")

Village: Preyebouessou, Côte d'Ivoire

Number of association members: 52 (all women)

Description: The women applied for funds to buy a machine to process cassava into "attiéké", a local dish that has a much higher market value than raw cassava, fuel and oil for the machine's engine, gumboots, machetes and other farming tools, and various seeds. The gumboots are to be used when fetching water in the village lake, to protect from snakes and other critters and germs in the mud. Overall the women hoped for these items to translate into higher productivity and income (and safety when fetching water), and that this would result in a greater deal of autonomy, being better able to pay for schooling for their children and generally providing them with a better life.

Amount applied for: 600,000 CFA (~$1042)

Amount received (net of fees): 555,000 CFA (~$964)

Date of transfer: June 19, 2019

Women of the association with the equipment purchased with the grant money.

Woman from the association in the field.

Testing the gumboots purchased with the grant money.

Images of the village.