Grant 17: Kotobouekro

Grant information

Recipient community: Women's association in Kotobouekro

Village: Kotobouekro, Côte d'Ivoire

Number of community members reached: 45 women

Description: The women’s association in Kotobouekro asked for approximately 970 US$ to buy agricultural equipment (a cassava grinder, a cassava press, machetes, hand plows and other tools). This enables the women to expand their agricultural productivity and transform their cassava into Attiéke, a local dish similar to couscous, which can be sold at a higher market price. This will improve food security and increase their earnings, allowing them to pay for school fees for their children, seek healthcare when ill, etc. (Updated Sept. 16, 2023)

Amount applied for: 592,000 CFA (~$970)

Amount received (net of fees): 592,000 CFA (~$970)

Date of transfer: Sept. 5, 2023

First meeting with the women's association.

Assisting the president of the women's association, Amenan Victorine N'Dri, with the withdrawal and purchasing process, for increased safety and to help secure better prices.

Some of the materials bought with the grant money.

Images from the village.