Grant 15: Maya

Grant information

Recipient community: Women's association in Maya

Village: Maya, Côte d'Ivoire

Number of community members reached: 42 women

Description: The women’s association in Maya asked for approximately 920 USD to expand their land for agriculture and establish a small dam to secure year-round access for water for irrigation of their new cropland. This enables the women to grow food throughout the year, including through the dry season. This will substantially improve food security for the women and their families in the face of a warmer climate, a longer dry season and more erratic rainfall resulting from climate change. (Updated Sept. 19, 2022)

Amount applied for: 592,000 CFA (~$920)

Amount received (net of fees): 592,000 CFA (~$920)

Date of transfer: Aug. 10, 2022

Two women's association members with the grant money received.