Grant 1: Association Baoulé

Affoue Kouadio, leader of Association Baoulé, our first grant recipient, with motorcycle purchased with grant money.

Grant information

Recipient community: Association Baoulé

Village: Klofoinssou, Côte d'Ivoire

Number of association members: 33 (all women)

Description: The women applied for funds to buy a motorcycle to transport their crops to sell at the market, and to have an old well restored for irrigation of their crops. Their village is situated 11 km's away from the nearest market, and before the application was approved, the women had to sell their crops on the roadside by the village. They had to use surface water for irrigation, which is less reliable and may run out in the dry season, and it can be contaminated by bacteria, increasing the risk of disease transmission.

Amount applied for: 400,000 CFA (~$700)

Amount disbursed: 400,000 CFA (~$700)

Date of transfer: September 14, 2018

A thank you from the association.

Women from the association working in the field.

Affoue Kouadio selling crops produced by the women's association at the local market in Bouaké.

The women used part of the grant to have an old well restored.